Bank of England accessible entrance f

Tales from the Far Side

I’m a wheelchair user and that means I’m often obliged to get into places through the back door because there’s no step-free front entrance. Most of the time I’m frustrated and annoyed at having to use a separate door that’s usually on… Continue Reading Tales from the Far Side

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Celebrating Inclusion

Being a judge for the Accessible Britain Challenge Awards 2015 has been massively rewarding; for the last few weeks I have been assessing an all star line up of organisations that have helped transform the lives of disabled people. The upshot of… Continue Reading Celebrating Inclusion

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The Cost of Inclusion

Politicians and business people often want to crunch the numbers when it comes to making professional decisions and when it comes to making ‘reasonable adjustments’ under the Equality Act the situation is no different: money matters. However, you may be surprised to… Continue Reading The Cost of Inclusion

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Wheelchair or pushchair, who should take priority?

This week I’ve been at the Royal Courts of Justice in London observing a case where three appeal court judges are being asked to confirm whether disabled passengers have priority access to wheelchair spaces on buses. The First Bus Group… Continue Reading Wheelchair or pushchair, who should take priority?

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