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Habinteg Research

Only 35% of wheelchair standard properties are allocated to wheelchair users in London. Habinteg research team are asking why and seeking the views of disabled people who need them.  Please see more details below from Habinteg.

“Habinteg Housing Association, a leading advocate for wheelchair accessible housing in England is carrying out a research project on the allocation of wheelchair standard properties in London.

Housing data has shown that only 35% of wheelchair standard properties are allocated to wheelchair users in the Great London area. This appears to indicate that there are significant inefficiencies in the way homes are let.

This study aims to explore reasons why these inefficiencies are occurring and make recommendations to improve the allocation of wheelchair accessible homes to those who need them.

The research team are seeking the views of disabled people on the research questions to be posed to housing lettings teams and to review the report before it is published.

You are invited to participate in this group which will meet twice, once in February and then again in May 2011. Each meeting will be 45 minutes in length and involve a short presentation from the research team before discussion.  The Wheelchair Housing Allocation Research meeting will take place  

Tuesday 8th February 2011 – 1pm

Committee Room 4, Lower Ground Floor, City Hall,

The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA

If you would like to be part of this Advisory Group please contact Glen Joseph, Policy & Research Manager at Habinteg Housing Association.”

Tel: 020 7822 8713, Email :

For access information about City Hall please visit