Supreme Court decision on Doug Paulley v FirstGroup Plc

Commenting on today’s Supreme Court decision, disability and inclusive design consultant, Tracey Proudlock, herself a wheelchair user, said:

“It’s hugely comforting that common sense has finally prevailed, though the case should never have got this far in the first place. The Equality Act is all about companies acting reasonably to accommodate all customers and the judges here rightly recognised just how many disabled people rely on public transport for a better quality of life.

A FirstGroup bus travelling along a busy London street during the day

The Supreme Court ruled against FirstGroup Plc

“The judgment should serve as a real reminder to businesses to adopt common sense policies and procedures that actively welcome disabled customers and can resolve complaints before litigation. Making reasonable adjustments is rarely complicated and makes obvious business sense given the value of the ‘purple pound’. As we have seen here, the costs of falling short can be significant, both in terms of legal fees and damage to reputation. Rightly, businesses overlook the Equality Act at their peril.