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Happy IDDP 

I have always appreciated so much that IDDP falls in December – it’s like a New Year celebration when you can look back and reflect on the 12 months that have passed; the ups and downs and achievements.

To celebrate IDDP on Sunday,  I’d like to thank some members of our LinkedIn community who have united with us on our inclusion journey.

These past 12 months Proudlock Associates has continued to thrive as a successful inclusive design company with first class clients.  We are particularly proud of our inclusive design work in co-production. 

Co-production can vary depending on the project and people involved, but in essence it is a long-term relationship which sees a group of people in an equal and reciprocal partnership influencing the way services and/or products are designed and delivered. As well as helping lower design and production costs while strengthening service and product offerings, most significantly co-production helps marginalised groups have a voice about things that directly affect them, which in turn ensures they get products and services they actually want and need. 

Under the leadership of Mark Rintoul of RSHP there is our prize-winning co-production work as inclusive design consultants at Hammersmith and Fulham Civic Campus.  

At the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham we extend thanks to Strategic Leads for co-production Tara Flood and Kevin Caulfield  for their vigorous commitment, always working with resilience and knowledge from their lived experience and also to  Jane Wilmot OBE , Chair of The Disabled Residents Team (DRT).

Our second co-production thanks go to James Clement, Director of Operations Sky Sports at Sky.   James has been instrumental with the TV Access Project.

I’d also like to say Happy IDDP and extend my thanks to: 

Michael Wadood – a lifelong building control professional who always carries inclusion messages with him, wherever he goes.  Thank you for your insight and conversations over the years.

Suzan Ucmaklioglu –  thank you for being such a fantastic accessibility and inclusion advocate. Looking forward to working with you more in the future. 

Liz Jewitt-Cross – thank you for your invaluable wise words and wisdom over the years.

Nick MCGough –  thank you for joining us on the Elizabeth Line adventure earlier this year and we’re wishing you every success with your ongoing transport work.

Darren O’Connell from Absolute Mobility  his company and staff are legends in customer care, #AccessibleBathrooms. 

It’s been wonderful to have your all in my LinkedIn network and I look forward to hearing your inclusion news and views.

Happy International Day of Disabled People