Access Consultancy

As one of the leading access consultancy firms in the UK, Proudlock Associates provides clients all over the world with effective inclusive design solutions.

For a new build, we will typically produce the access element within the Design and Access Statement. The Access Statement will explain and justify the approach to providing an inclusive design. This is most important where the design satisfies the requirements in some other way to that detailed in the Approved Document Part M. We also create an access strategy that fulfils statutory requirements for a submission where appropriate.

At Proudlock Associates we regularly produce access audits and plan appraisals as well as further developed access statements for building control. These documents are to provide you with design guidance and to offer a professional review of your drawings.

We work in the RIBA Stages 2 to 4 mostly but are fully aware of the benefits of earlier input into the design process. By setting up a consultation and by visiting a site or property before work has begun we can maximise the value of our input. Equally we like to ensure that the delivered product meets expectations, by reviewing during construction and at times post-construction or post-occupancy.

Proudlock are a well-trusted and established design consultancy and we will guide you to comply with Building Regulations. We will work with you the client towards meeting the relevant duties under the Equality Act 2010. Furthermore, we aim to win you recognition for good design and we will show you how to achieve the best practice standards in inclusion.