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Access Statements & Planning

It is now more important than ever to proactively adhere to legislation outlining standards for disabled access. In order to meet requirements laid down in UK law, it can be necessary to submit an Access Statement as part of a planning application. If your application is for residential development, commercial premises or a public venue, you will need to consider producing a thorough statement to accompany your proposal.

A document outlining how inclusion of disabled need will be addressed is required, in a form sometimes referred to as a Disability Access Statement, for any large public application. This may also serve in part as an informative guide to visitors and may be a useful marketing tool to attract positive interest in your proposal. The statement should then develop to reflect the nature of accessibility within a proposal, serving also as a practical guide for visitors.

Access Statements require a level of expertise encompassing legal, construction, inclusive design and accessibility issues. As a leading access consultancy, Proudlock Associates have years of experience providing guidance and expertise related to accessibility in the planning and design processes.

What is an Access Statement?

An Access Statement, or a Disability Access Statement, is brief report covering how a proposed building development or external built environment is to be inclusive and address accessibility considerations. It will explain details of the proposed changes and the way in which it is intended to include disabled access in the development. It will develop and undergo changes as the proposal does, and will serve as an account of the evolving accessibility considerations accompanying the design process. It is distinct and quite different from an Access Audit.

A Disability Access Statement generally has to be submitted as part of the planning application for many types of buildings and can form part of the overarching Design and Access Statement for planning; it can be developed into a handbook or guide for disabled people and also can be detailed later to form part of the required Building Control submission.

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Access Statements can help your project progress - one of Proudlock Associates' projects underway

Access Statements can help your project progress – one of Proudlock Associates’ projects underway