Access Strategies

We are currently working at Barking Riverside the largest single housing development in the Thames Gateway.

Situated between the A13 and the River Thames this is one of the largest brownfield development sites in London. It provides the greatest of opportunities to create fully inclusive communities for up to 10,800 households, schools, leisure and cultural facilities and new transport links. Over the next 15-20 years Barking Riverside  will become home to a new East London community of around 26,000.

Working alongside two internationally renowned multi-disciplinary design teams, Sheppard Robson and KCAP-ML, Proudlock Associates have provided strategic advice and guidance on inclusive design. In addition to providing detailed design guidance Proudlock have also assisted Barking Riverside Ltd formally establish the running of the Barking Riverside Access Forum and recruited an independent Chairperson.

Here you can view Maxwan’s animated fly through. See how Maxwan have projected into the future to deliver a new inclusive community for East London.Barking Riverside animation

Pictures and images courtesy of Barking Riverside Ltd and Sheppard Robson.

“With thanks to our friends at the Housing Design Awards  and Living Projects