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Complaints Management for Disabled Customers

Give your disabled customers the service they deserve with Resolve: Complaints Management for Disabled Customers.

Protect reputation

Our swift and effective complaints resolution service saves you time and money. You can avoid expensive legal costs and protect your reputation.

Disabled customer value

Your customers are your most important commodity. And with disabled people spending around £212 billion a year in the UK alone, you can’t afford to let them down.

Deal with customer complaints quickly and effectively and you can:

  • learn from your mistakes
  • identify ways to improve services
  • boost customer satisfaction.

When we help

Resolving complaints from disabled customers can require a little more thought and energy – and this is where we can help you. We’ll look into situations where disabled customers complain they have been treated unfairly.

For example: 

  • a wheelchair user cannot get into a restaurant with friends because there are steps at the entrance and no ramp. They complain they have been partly or wholly denied access to a service.
  • A visually impaired person cannot way find sufficiently across your café terrace.
  • Someone with an invisible disability gets frequently questioned for parking in a Blue Badge bay that you have.

Listen to complainant

Our experienced disability and inclusion consultants reassure disabled customers that their complaint:

  • is understood and taken seriously
  • will be investigated thoroughly
  • will be investigated by someone who has personal experience of disability

Comprehensive service

We offer:

  • an impartial, calm approach to collecting evidence
  • a dedicated Case Manager, responsible for resolving the complaint as soon as possible
  • meetings and discussions with your disabled customers and local staff (including internal managers and head office where necessary).
  • a visit by an access consultant to the site in question, to assess the built environment, and management policies
  • an action plan to stop repeat complaints
  • advice and guidance in the event of a legal challenge under the Equality Act, and attendance as an Expert Witness, if needed

To find out more about our complaints resolution service, please email or call 0845 130 1669 to speak to a consultant.

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