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Proudlock Associates is an award winning disability and inclusive design consultancy based in the UK. At Proudlock Associates, we strive for nothing less than complete professionalism and efficiency in all our work. We have well over a decade of experience in providing clients with exceptional inclusive design solutions.

Our range of highly qualified services includes expert plan appraisals, professional access audits, and intelligent access strategies that we successfully implement for a range of clients within the public, private and voluntary sectors.

We are a leading disability access consultancy and we routinely maximise the quality of inclusive environments through design and management. Our vast experience and extensive knowledge allows us to be able to accurately identify and efficiently resolve inclusive design issues.

Here at Proudlock Associates we also deliver expert disability equality training that equips companies with the necessary provisions to instil a company ethos that challenges discrimination and that promotes inclusion throughout their business activities.

At Proudlock Associates, we are immensely proud to be spearheading inclusive design by improving disabled access to buildings with universal design solutions. Our clients are testament to our exceptional standards and we hope that you too can work with us and benefit from our effective inclusive design solutions.

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We are members of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) and of the Access Association. RICS members can see some of our work and news/articles on inclusive design at the isurv members’ area of the website.

Proudlock Associates featured in London Business Matters, a magazine produced by London Chamber of Commerce.

Link to London Business Magazine articleTracey Proudlock considers how London has got to grips with accessibility and now leads the way in terms of inclusive design.

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