Tracey Proudlock on July 21, 2017

Let’s end the ‘oh, do I HAVE to?’ view of inclusive design

Was saving a few pounds more important than protecting the residents of Grenfell Tower? Who knows what the public inquiry will decide. Use of the cheapest cladding on the block has shocked many but sadly we were not surprised by it. That’s because ‘Oh no, do I HAVE to do...
Tracey Proudlock on December 19, 2016

Inclusive design cheer after a strange year

We need a crystal ball rather than Christmas baubles to guess what impact the elections and events of 2016 will have on global economics and the world order. We’ve learnt anything can happen and, for many, that’s unsettling and alarming. So, I’ve decided to hand out the mince pies, be...
Tracey Proudlock on November 30, 2016

What are the business benefits of an access audit?

A potential customer visits your office but gets no further than the front door because she is a wheelchair user and your building isn’t accessible. An awkward apology is not how to start a business relationship, especially if you were planning to reflect expertise and quality. You can avoid this...
Tracey Proudlock on April 5, 2016

“Oh do I HAVE to?!” – on considering inclusive design

We love it when our clients win an award. In fact we’ve blogged about how to win an inclusion award in the past. We are passionate about ensuring architects and developers are up-to-date on best practice in inclusive design and that can mean going above and beyond Part M, sometimes using BS8300 and adhering...
Tracey Proudlock on July 15, 2015

How to choose an Inclusive Design and Access Consultant – a checklist

Here are some questions to ask yourself when selecting an access consultant: Is your consultant on the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC)? The NRAC comprises appropriately qualified and experienced access consultants and auditors who have demonstrated their expertise in access matters to the satisfaction of the NRAC Admissions Panel. All members adhere to...