Tracey Proudlock on May 26, 2020

`Will the ongoing pandemic crisis make you forget to build an inclusive world?’, asks Kirsten Galea, Architect & Access Consultant Trainee

I’m sure that like me you have come across a few articles about what the post-Covid world will look like or what changes we will see.  So many people are trying to imagine how the world will change and how they can contribute to building this new world.  The construction...
Tracey Proudlock on April 20, 2020

Let’s make physical activity fit for all

The power of physical activity to create and unite communities is showing itself online, right now. Gyms and leisure centres are closed, most of us in are in lockdown and ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks is the rising star. He is broadcasting P.E Lessons every weekday morning on YouTube for schoolchildren...